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The Membranes. A Queer Science Fiction Novel from Taiwan. By Ta-wei Chi, one of the most quoted writers in Chinese on LGBT literature.

The Membranes
and other works by Ta-wei Chi

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email: tawei at fastmail dot com

Spanish translation is already available in Madrid


Finnish translation is already available in Helsinki


According to Publishing Perspectives, Plan B Entertainment, the producer of 12 Years and Slave (2013), Moonlight (2016), and The 3 Body Problem for Netflix (2024), has considered how to visualize The Membranes.

Ta-wei Chi will do book events in Spain, Finland, Chechia, and Slovakia in summer 2024 for the Spanish, Finnish, and Czech translations of The Membranes.

a family

Praises for

Ari Heinrich’s English translation of The Membranes


Named a Reviewer's Choice Best Book of 2021


A Books of the Year 2021 selection

The White Review


This rather astonishing science fiction novel is a powerful story about consciousness and connection with other people.

Kim Stanley Robinson, author of Red Mars and

The Ministry for the Future


What a breath of retro-fresh air!

Susan Stryker, TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly

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