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Queer Passion Between Generations: The view from Martial Law-era Literature

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Blog piece by Ta-wei Chi

...... In the literature under discussion, intergenerational relationships are portrayed more common than one might imagine. For instance, the influential novel Crystal Boys (1983) by Hsien-yung Pai portrays a gay ecosystem where virtually nobody is attracted to anybody else in their own age group. In the novel, gay boys cruising in the legendary New Park (aka 228 Memorial Park in today’s Taipei), who need to support themselves through commercial sex from time to time, need partners who offer them shelter. So, naturally, they are only interested in the noticeably more mature men, who can provide for them, rather than other beautiful boys of their age. Interestingly, the commercially successful 2003 TV miniseries based upon the novel downplays the convention of intergenerational intimacies. In the original, the protagonist is expelled from high school because of his sex with a senior school janitor; in the TV series, the character is, by contrast, punished because of his affair with a photogenic boy of his age.......

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